About us

Impet is a software company with over 30 years of successful business history. Small in size but mighty in potential, we are building business applications with an aim to help small to medium-sized enterprises conquer new heights of business. 

Our culture 

The name of the company derives from the Latin word “impetus”, meaning “a force that encourages a particular action or makes it more energetic or effective” which embodies the philosophy of our team.

We maintain a family-like atmosphere in our office that we are very proud of.

What we do?

We are a team of like-minded persons who know how to make complex things simple. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs from multiple spheres streamline their business processes. In spite of the diversity of spheres of applications, our programs are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers. We succeed in reaching this goal as we have a wide range of tools under our belts: huge experience, the knowledge of the latest innovations, the deployment of proven technologies, and coordination of the teamwork. We strictly follow the methodology of the development process while tackling the tasks of our customers which allows using the available resources at full capacity.

Why we do it?

We appreciate the time of other people and encourage their wish to boost the productivity of their work, that’s why we strive to develop applications that provide more efficiency with less effort.


JV "Impet"

Kazintsa str. 90/3
Minsk, 220108

UNP 100003261

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