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Projects   We have already designed, architected, and built a full range of business software and web applications. Our products are distinguished by the original solutions together with standard Windows interface. We use modern powerful tools and technologies in our projects.

Here are some of our projects:

  • Integrated Strategic Management System
  • Human Resource Management System with Full Irish Payroll
  • Information Management System
  • Human Resource Management System for UK
    Integrated Strategic Management System
    It is a business and management system with full accounts. It is multi -user, -company, -currency, developed in client-server technology. The system has all necessary modules: Nominal, Sales, Purchase, Stock and Services Ledgers, comprehensive credit control and much more...
    The second version of this management system added much more facilities that have made the program user-friendlier. It provides users with solutions and unique analytical capabilities.


  • Users have possibility to create custom grid views by applying filter, hiding/showing columns and sorting. A set of predefined views is supplied with the program.
  • The system provides opportunities for detailed analysis. Users can quickly get any information about the objects and transactions.
  • Sales and purchases ledgers have a variety of features: special prices, large opportunities for credit control, etc.
  • Products module provide a set of unique possibilities: bill of material functionality, multi line stock adjustments, stock revaluations and cross location or internal stock movements, etc.
  • The system has a powerful security facilities: system of privilege control, several levels of fences, etc.
  • There is a flexible reporting module.
  • Our system is distinguished by the possibility to make the snap-shot of the information on the screen without printing reports a set of flexible. It is a feature of on-line analysis.
  • There is a set of quick-edit analysis tools.
  • etc.
  • About technologies we used
    The solution was developed using Interbase 6.0 and COM objects written in Borland Delphi 5 using object oriented technologies. It is a client/server multi-user database application.
    In this project we used a principle of active database. It means that the database does not only keep the data but also takes part in processing it. The primary business logic level of our system is implemented on the database server level through triggers and saved procedures mechanism. As the result, the network traffic is used more efficiently and it gives the better control of data access.
    Also we used the technique of optimistic blocking. It allows to effectively distribute the system resources in the in the conditions of simultaneous users.
    In this project we used a thick client. Functionality shared between client and server provides more effective distribution of the recourses in the network.
    Our flexible reporting module is based on ReportBuilder and Microsoft Script Control that provide wide functionality.
    For creating grid, we used TopGrid component that provides comfortable and flexible usage by the programmers.
    Also we used a range of tools for Internet access and exchanging information with remote systems.

    More information is available on request.

    Human Resource Management System with Full Irish Payroll
    The quick "three steps" allow fast payroll production weekly or monthly. The integrated "Boss Pay" module converts the pay information to profit increasing management tools and an important on-line business control.

    More information is available on request.

    Information Management System
    It is an information management system for business and personal use with capability to store any kind of data: text, pictures, sounds, spreadsheets, fast and easy to use.

    About technologies we used
    It is a file-server system based on the database that has format dbf.
    We used:

  • Codebase 6.3.
  • Rich Edit component
  • Formula 1 component
  • Microsoft assistant
  • Speech Engine
  • MAPI
  • etc.

  • This set provides small size of system, easy installation and high speed of working.

    More information is available on request.

    Human Resource Management System for UK

    About technologies we used
    It is a three-tier application. We use database server Interbase and DataSnap for application server. Distributing the work of an application over several machines can improve performance because of load balancing, and allow redundant systems to take over when a server goes down. Also, you can isolate sensitive functionality into tiers that have different access restrictions.

    More information is available on request.

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