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Team   "Very good professional programmers are ten times as productive as poor ones."
- Sackman, Erikson, and Grant
Impet programmers are organised into strong, cohesive teams under contemporary project management. Our programmers are highly motivated because Impet provides them with all the tools they need in an environment conducive to their individual successes. At Impet, programmers are encouraged to become what they want to be within the organisation.

Impet Team

Another strength of the Impet team is that many strong friendships create a basis for a team of people united by the same idea - customer satisfaction through high-quality and timely software. Impet's atmosphere is professional, with informal information sharing and close, frequent contacts between teams that facilitate active problem solving and progressive solutions.

Dr Ivan Davydik, Co-founder and General Director Dr Ivan Davydik, Co-founder and General Director
Author of fifty scientific publications and several inventions, Dr Ivan Davydik started his career (in the field of peat and energy) as a lecturer in Belarusian Polytechnic University. From 1973 he led the Belarusian Project Research Institute of Fuel Industry. In 1982 Dr Ivan Davydik took a post as Secretary General of the International Peat Society in Helsinki, Finland. There he introduced new ideas to improve the organization, status and financial position of IPS, took an active part in editing multi-lingual peat dictionary. He was an initiator of establishing International Peat Journal. From 1987 Dr Ivan Davydik is General Director of Scientific-Industrial Company of the Packaging Development and Production. Appeared possibilities allowed him to found commercial enterprise Impet in 1991. Dr Ivan Davydik was the founder of all business directions in Impet. For more than 25 years he leads Impet guiding the company to the growth and success.

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