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Tools   Here at Impet we do not try to be all things for all companies. We stay within our core competencies. Here they are:
  • Delphi
  • Interbase
  • MIDAS/DataSnap
  • ReportBuilder
  • MS Script Control
  • XML
  • TeamSource
  • IBExpert
  • We can develop desktop, client-server, and multi-tier applications using all power of operational system. The applications can be built on the basis of a database. Our client parts are designed for Windows and the server part of the applications can use any platform.

    These technologies have been successfully used in a variety of projects.

    For Windows applications (our core business), our primary tool of choice is Borland Delphi using object oriented techniques. With Delphi 6, we can create next generation e-business and Windows applications quickly and easily for you.

    For data storage we prefer InterBase. InterBase is a high-capacity database, good for LAN and WAN. Interbase is a true SQL server that supports sql-92 standard. There are two versions of this database - free and Borland's. InterBase is easy to install, requires no assistance from a database administrator. That is why the applications built on the basis of InterBase are efficient and comfortable.

    COM (Component object Model) is a set of rules to make the programme integrated with others. COM technology provides a framework for integrating components. By applying COM to build systems of pre-existing components, we reap benefits of maintainability and adaptability.

    With DCOM, components operating on a variety of platforms can interact. DCOM allows processes to be spread across a network and different programming languages.

    XML is a markup language for documents containing structured information. XML is becoming a preferred language in the information exchange between companies through the Internet.

    DataSnap is a technology for multi-tier applications development using Delphi.

    ReportBuilder is a powerful tool for developing reporting modules for applications. Using ReportBuilder we can create any reporting module from static to a fully customisable reporting system.

    IBExpert is an Interbase powerful and comfortable administration tool. It is used for developing, creating and executing queries, creating models and debugging.

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