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Web Tools   We implement our solutions on such approved languages as PHP and JavaScript. We are highly experienced in Apache web-server and MySQL Server database and other tools. It's not a problem to support any other web server software.

Web design and technology approaches:

  • Web-design
  • HTML and Dynamic HTML
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • XML
  • Server-side includes (SSI)
  • Site-wide styles (CSS1, CSS2)
  • Web Site Imaging
  • Macromedia Flash
  • These technologies have been successfully used in a variety of projects.

    Below you can see descriptions of some tools and technologies we use.

    One of the most powerful features of PHP is the ability to combine regular HTML code with programming constructs like variables and function calls. By substituting variable "placeholders" for actual content in an HTML page, these languages make it easy to construct dynamic Web pages.

    PHP FastTemplate makes it possible to separate the user interface from the programme logic, thereby allowing us to alter Web pages quickly and easily. It speeds up development time significantly, and also reduces efforts involved in maintaining and modifying a Web application.

    MySQL is the world's most popular open source database, designed for speed, power and precision in mission critical, heavy load use.

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